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Questions about our salon suites?

  • What is Radiant Beauty Suites?
    We are a locally owned business that rents salon suites to beauty professionals. Independent stylists set their own hours and prices, personalize their own suites, sell their own retail products and enjoy all the benefits of owning a business without all of the risks associated with opening a traditional salon.
  • Will my clients follow me?
    Yes, absolutely! For one thing, they've developed a connection with you - they trust you to cut and color and style, care for their skin, make them gorgeous or give them an amazing massage. Secondly, they will be excited to support you in your new business. Third, they will have an upgraded experience with the luxury of Radiant Beauty Suites. Fourth, and most importantly, your suite is an extension of your style, your design, and your energy. Your clients will love you in your own suite.
  • What's included?
    Your lease includes almost everything you need to be a successful business owner! Depending on your business, we include a shampoo bowl or sink with cabinet, a styling chair, massage table or hydraulic spa chair and plenty of room for you to sell your own retail! In addition, you will have 24 hour access to your suite, a stackable washer/dryer unit, laundry soap, kitchen with seating, sink, ice maker, purified water, coffee, tea, microwave and more. Your business will be advertised and featured regularly on our website, Facebook page and Instagram to bring you new clients.
  • Can I decorate my own studio? Can I hang paintings?
    Yes, yes, yes! We encourage and support you to make your suite uniquely yours. Feel free to paint, build, assemble, hang and mount whatever you'd like.
  • Is this right for me?
    Well, do you have an existing clientele? Do you want to make a lot more money? Do you want to take control of your career? Do you want to stop giving away half of your earnings? Keep 100% of your profits? Sell your own retail and keep all the profits? Set your own hours? Create your own salon style, vibe and energy? If so...this is right for you.
  • How many stylists can work in a suite?
    We can accommodate one or two. We offer single and double suites.
  • Do you take a cut of my earnings?
    Nope! From now on, your money is your money. You earned it, you keep it.
  • Does rent go up?
    Upon annual contract renewal, the rent may rise 3-5% as our rent expenses climb every year.
  • What products can I use and sell?
    As an independent contractor you are free to use any professional product you desire.
  • Who will handle my sales receipts for services rendered?
    You will handle all sales receipts. Remember, you are your own boss.
  • How do I learn more?
    Call or text us anytime at 480-643-0527 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or set up a tour.
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